[sinner]And so I hide behind the slave morality of the disillusioned technologist, changing the game to win the game as we all do – my will to power and the inadequacies of my rational mind to find faith in the scientific cosmology become psychic reflections of each other, two faces of the same creature, two shadows of the same light. God is that light, I am the blocker, the object of eclipse, and in his projection against me God loses his light to the shadows of doubt and inadequacy. In any Faith, whether scientific or religious, I am a sinner.

Write - would you?
Listen - could you?
Feel - please?

You listen. You don’t hear.
You listen. You hear.
You repeat. You hear more through repeating.
You listen and you refute. You form antitheses, but they are not yet yours.
You speak the words of others embedded deep in your memory, and through speaking you alter them and add yourself, but they are not yet yours.
You want to speak only what is yours, but the act of speaking becomes deceptive, egotistical.
You listen and you hear again.
This time when you speak, it is to bring life to the things you hear. Your voice is an engine, not a source- with this engine you stitch things that are not yours into something that resembles you, a patchwork made of others.

[alight]I can feel it – the ultimate. It is understanding our morality & Evil and surpassing it – it is (with dangerous hubris) augmenting our way out of our cycles – if we fundamentally believe in the unconstrained. How can we prevent build institutions on Goodness? It must show directly the soul – there must be nowhere to hide.
I feel like our work, like religions, all point toward the same thing. It is the feeling of individual inadequacy and the feeling of awe, expansion that I get when talking to everyone aligned that makes me think there is something crucial in coordinating.

DISCLAIMER: May be blasphemous. No meaning is meant able to be original. WHERE IS THE MAGIC?
Craft is dead & we must rebirth it.
Break (respect) the medium.
Monsterhood is liberation. 
The highest respect you can give your craft, is to leave it out of your ego.
All dichotomies are false constructions of the ego. All ends appear dead (amoral) to the unimaginative eye.
The path towards revolution lies in oneness (impossibility).
Future is immediate. Future product is being.
Light has no shadow, only projections of light create darkness.
The Eye is the most precious organ.
Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave.
But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.
Can we break the cycle? But cycles are such hauntingly beautiful things…
What is effortful, is Evil.
Maybe, underneath it all, we all want to say the same things.
there's a bluebird in my heart that
We are Gods and we are Machines… fundamentally constrained creatures with faith in our unconstrained fantasies, and perhaps in that paradoxical faith is the true nature of being.

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