Hi, I’m Alice.

Currently in: Cambridge, MA
Studying: Human Augmentation
Working on: human-computer systems, body-machine interfaces, extended reality, generative AI, experiments in the intersection fo art & technology
Previously: wrote & illustrated novels, developed nanomaterials, taught courses
Thinking about: how to become a cyborg

I’m compelled by the futuristic, the bizarre, and the seemingly impossible.

Artificial & Cyborg Minds Cognitive Augmentation & Human-Computer Interfaces

Exploring the complex relationship between biological and digital intelligences in the age of increasingly sophisticated artificial systems, examining interfaces as facilitators of human-computer collaboration, collective intelligence, and convergence.
Transhuman Forms
Physical Augmentation & Body-Machine Interfaces

Exploring the complex systems of the body and external interfaces, examining the mechanisms and dynamics of extending, enhancing, or otherwise altering physical properties of the human experience, through bionics, wearable technologies, and other hardware interfaces.
Worlds of Imagination
Environmental Augmentation & Mixed Realities

Exploring the human experience of the spectrum between reality and unreality in the era of immersive virtual, augmented, and mixed worlds, examining the relationship between humans and their external artificial and natural environments.